A Chinese takeout from the retro-future.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a number that I can Reach you at?

We do not take phone calls in our store, however you can reach out to us for prompt response on facebook manager or instagram at the handle: @riceboxed. You can also reach out to us via email info@riceboxed.com.

Can I place an order over the phone?

We have found over the years that the most efficient means of ordering takeout to be digitally through our online ordering system found here. By providing this service we are able to continue to provide our customers with elevated hospitality in the store and accurately track your order. Thank you for your patience

Do you Deliver?

We do deliver based on your location. Please make sure to select the store closest to your house to find out here! Our delivery radius per location ranges between 3-5 miles.

Do you have options for people with restricted diets?

We do! All of our dishes are made to order and most can be constructed to fit a wide range of requests with the exception of a few.

Are your the food trucks still open?

We decided to take the food trucks off of the street in 2017 with the launch of our Heights location. They are gone, but never forgotten!

Rick Deckard or Jack Burton?

Ellen Ripley


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