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Multi-sensational American Chinese food from the retro future.


蒜炒四季豆 Suàn chǎo sìjì dòu

Garlic 4 Season Green Beans

Classic Chinese style long green beans stir fried in a light savory sauce with plenty of garlic & julienned cut onions. Add any protein of your choice. Recommended with Beef, Chicken or Tofu. Make it Vegetarian by choosing Tofu or Cauliflower as your protein base.

宫保鸡 gōng báo jī

Kung Pao

Our old school Kung Pao is stir fried with red & green bell pepper, celery, peppers & peanuts. We recommend with Chicken like the O.G., however you can make it with Shrimp or Beef! Being savory & spicy, we highly recommend with fried rice or noodle upgrade. Make it Vegetarian by choosing Tofu or Cauliflower as your protein base.

咖喱鸡 galí jī


Thick with strong notes of coconut & fresh lemon grass, our Curry is stir fried with sweet potatoes, steamed carrots & cilantro, then topped with a fresh lime wedge & cilantro. Can be made with Tofu or Cauliflower. This dish unfortunately cannot be made 100% Vegetarian/Vegan.

青椒牛肉 qīngjiāo niúròu

Pepper Steak

Our Pepper Steak is seared, then stir fried with bell pepper, onions & carrots. It has deep notes of sesame & is fantastic spicy! Great with Chicken, Shrimp, or Tofu too.

芥藍牛肉 jièlán niúroù

Chinese Broccoli

An old school classic, our Chinese Broccoli Beef is stir fried with Chinese broccoli & white onions in a light savory sauce. If Chinese broccoli is not your thing, you can swap for English style broccoli florets. Make it Vegetarian by choosing Tofu or Cauliflower as your protein base.

蒙古牛肉 ménggu niúròu


Wok-fired with white onions, scallions, & snow peas our Mongolian/Emperor stir fry is one of the most versatile items on our menu. While we recommend Beef, you can also choose Chicken, Shrimp, Tofu, or Cauliflower & get an equally great dish. Light, savory, & vegetable forward!

奶油虾 nai yóu xiā

Candied Walnut Shrimp

Think pillowy fried shrimp tossed in a delicious sweet honey glaze. We then top the shrimp generously with candied walnuts. It’s dreamy.

小白菜 xiǎobáicài

Baby Bok Choy

Baby Bok Choy is a light, crisp savory classic with garlic that is a great side veggie to any dish on the menu. If you are feeling vegetables today, then this dish is for you. So good.